7 Signs You Have Bad Leadership

From issues with a work schedule to personality clashes, are workplace issues really about the staff or are they directly connected to the leaders that are supposedly there to manage their employees and serve the public?

For far too long leaders in many different organizations have fought, manipulated, lied, and have done other things to push employees out while they sit comfortably in beautiful offices for decades.  No one seems to notice how or why some people remain in positions of authority except for those who are on the outside looking in.  Too often the so-called troubled employee is terminated and no one bothers to listen to what really happened leading up to the fall-out.  Some leaders carefully orchestrate plans to cover up their mistakes on the backs of those who choose not to go along just to get along. 

If you are one for questioning who really is at fault when it comes to a bad system of doing things at the workplace, consider carefully observing the leadership around you who just might be quite good at communicating and dressing well, but bad when it comes to managing quality relationships with others.

7 Signs You Have Bad Leadership

1.  When requests are made to get things done they are often ignored, excuses are made, blame games are played, and you are left feeling like you never want to bring up anything to management again.

2.  Leaders do not bother to show up for work on time and will put off attending pertinent events.

3.  You are given carefully scripted speeches to share with inquisitive staff in an effort to cover up ongoing issues like: "...we are working on that...I know you feel frustrated but...improvements are being made..."  Meanwhile, you know that some changes won't ever be made until certain leaders are gone for good.

4.  Work plans, schedules, meetings, events, and other related things are poorly organized, directions are not clearly given, plans are not followed through, and your leadership tends to make up things as challenges come up.

5.  You often react defensively as if you have to fight for everything you need while wishing for the things you want.

6.  When you see your leadership, your stomach churns, you take deep breaths, and fight hard not to be negative in his or her presence.

7.  Others have shared their complaints with you and all you can say are canned statements like:  "It is what it is...I really wish I could do something but...It's not my business...Well you know how my boss can be...hang in there..."

With so many people losing their jobs through downsizing, lay-offs, and firings, it is understandable why employees will sit back and be quiet about challenges.  However, when you know that there are leaders who are constantly getting away with unprofessional behaviors, acting nonchalantly about issues, and doing other things that are affecting job performance, SPEAK UP!  No matter what superiors caution, threaten, or do behind your back or in front of others, you have a right to take a stand on anything that is causing emotional or physical discomfort for you and your fellow staff. 

Make my God empower you as you stand up for righteousness!

Nicholl McGuire


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