Find Out the Latest Buzz about Your Company Layoffs, New Acquistions, Sold Property the Right Way

You have invested much time in that job, far more than you expected!  Your relationship sometimes is put on the back-burner, children's activities are missed, and you find yourself spending more money than you planned just to look professional and get to work on time each day.  So it would make sense to perform periodic research on your company at least once a month.  Why bother to listen to the gossips about your industry and company, yet never follow-up on what's truth and what is nothing more than an assumption, an exaggeration or an outright lie?

You can find your own personal peace about your job and whether or not it is worth continuing to stay, accept a job promotion, relocate, or do other things simply by conducting your own research and in-person interviews.

Before clicking on mainstream news websites, you might want to consider making a few phone calls to real people that you know who are in your industry.  The reason for this is that most of our media is owned by the same people who own the major companies in our land.  Do you really think you will get all the information you need to know from those sources?  Find out what is considered major news about your company later.  Take what you do know and ask questions, start with your company's competitors.  Find out from them things related to what concerns you.  Are people being laid off at the competition's site too?  What is being said about your business around the competitor's location?  Some people love to dish negative dirt about individuals and businesses, don't be so quick to defend.  Listen and learn.

After speaking with a few sources, you might want to take some people up on their suggestions if they have given you any such as: visiting certain websites, locations, making more careful observations at your business, and whatever else they deem might be important to you.

You will want to check up on your company online.  View sites that talk about scams, lay-offs, new acquisitions, and more.  Some of these sites might be newspaper types, television, radio, forums, micro-blogs, social bookmarking, press releases, comment sections, video, blogs, and many others.  Be sure you include the company name and any additional information you might want to know.  Once on the sites, perform other searches within.  Much data may be found in the archives of a site that may not come up in the major search engines.  Sometimes this happens by design.  A company that is doing quite badly, will spend much money to try to keep their business, so to speak, out of the street.

Another thing you will want to consider is getting those you trust to look out for company related information.  There may be some in your circle that might be able to help you learn more about what your company is up to.

Don't sleep on the library, coffee shops, laundry rooms, and any other public place a protester or activist might leave fliers sharing details about a company's misdeeds.

People within and outside departments will not always keep confidential information confidential so when this happens, there is the possibility that whoever wasn't supposed to talk, but did, might lose his or her job, be in danger, bullied, etc.  Think about the consequences, and if you have a faith, pray before you speak.  Whenever you get a break in news, be sure to keep it to yourself until the opportune time to reveal important communication, but never start talking when you have no proof and no one in leadership has given you the greenlight to share.

Nicholl McGuire has a background in journalism and communications.  She writes part-time and enjoys journaling family history.

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