Don't Like the Employees, the Workplace--Your Job

When one is constantly complaining about his or her workplace to family and friends, what he or she doesn't realize is that slowly he or she is tearing away what little peace, comfort and happiness that is in that home or between good friends.  No one wants to look at someone everyday miserable that yet again something went wrong at work!  But it is unfortunate that there are so many employees leaving from work, headed for home either quietly walking around their residences barely speaking to relatives or angrily tending to children and household duties.  The more one warns, "You have got to do something about your job, before..."  the more the bitter boss or worker comes up with yet another excuse as to why he or she is behaving in such negative ways.  In time, excuses run out and people around you are ready to take action.  Children misbehave more.  Partners start looking at the grass being greener on the other side.  Friends stop calling and spending time with you.  Get the picture? 

We all have to pay bills and deal with workplace matters that we rather run away from, but when those job issues become so big that a partner is ready to walk out, children are screaming about not seeing daddy and mommy, and relatives are warning, "Your family needs you..." and yet one keeps working long hours, hating the job, etc.--admit it, he or she is sick. 

Life has a funny way of dealing what appears to be a bad deck of cards, but really turns out to be a win.  Don't wait until the company fires/demotes/lays off or takes some project/benefit/title from you.  You know at some point a boss or co-workers will notice your negative moods and repeated errors, so it is either change or go elsewhere.  For some readers, start today looking for ways to manage stress--even if it means you have to start looking for another job. 

But for those who already received their job loss notice, look on the brighter side, you are free to work where you truly want or start something new that you can really appreciate it and besides your family will like you being around--at least for a time.

Check out the following:  Funny Puns about Losing Jobs a hubber (just another term for blogger) created this, a little something to lighten some readers up a bit.  Have a great workday!

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