Don't Be the Leader that Overlooks these Workplace Issues

When a boss, supervisor or manager is working with the same people everyday, issuing out the same orders, and doing the typical things that many leaders do, he or she tends to overlook some workplace issues that might be growing behind the scenes with employees, operations, contractors, security, and more.  Who really has time to pay attention to so many departments?  Well, that is why companies pay bosses the big bucks, so that they will ensure business runs smoothly in all areas.  So what might you be overlooking at your workplace that might create a future headache if not one already?

One.  Watch how often workers are calling off and arriving late.

Put someone on detail to track what is really going on.  Is your department lax when it comes to tardiness and call offs?  Does your company make it too easy for people to take a day off by permitting them to just leave a voice mail?  Once you have complete your investigation, start making some changes.

Two.  Address repeated concerns brought to you by certain watchful (yet annoying) employees that are often ignored.

It is only a matter of time that the employee is going to escalate his or her concerns.  So what that you don't like him or her.  Who cares that this person is often in someone else's business?  At the end of the day, you will be the one called into the office by your boss if you don't deal with the issue.  And if you are the boss, the dissatisfied employee can go to outside sources such as: the media, BBB, Internet, etc. to get some mental resolve if nothing else.

Three.  Review monies being spent for things like restaurant outings, department celebrations, office supplies, travel, etc.

Do you really know what your staff is spending when it comes to things like: events, office supplies, travel, and more?  What kind of company spending are you doing?  You just might need to cut back on expenses before someone starts questioning you.  "What the...You spent how much for a pen?  You went where to eat?" says the angry boss.  "How about we take this dollar figure out of your next paycheck!?"

Four.  Talk with staff on how frequently things keep breaking down in the office and arrange to get those things fixed or replaced.

The more something breaks, the more you will have to keep fixing it while wasting valuable time and dollars.  Review the cost, find used goods or buy brand new so that the problem equipment will stop being everyone's headache!  Be sure that everyone knows how to use equipment so that items won't be broken so easily.

Five.  Observe how departments fail to communicate with one another about ongoing issues.

You told this department to tell that department about this matter and that one and no one listens!  So now what?  Reiterate your point on paper.  Set up a meeting and share the consequences with those who refuse to do what you ask.  But whatever you do, don't put major issues off because in time you just might have a group of individuals revolt against you and others.

Six.  Check how long you and others are socializing each day.

What are you really talking about each morning when you and others should be seated at your desks working?  Is it necessary to text, email, and communicate every concern?  Work needs to get done and chances are there are clients, customers, etc. who have been waiting for you to get back to them on one thing or another.  Put off the long chats about the weekend, the partner, the kids, what show you watched last night, and how you feel.  Encourage your workers to do more work and less chatting.  Besides, you might be the one having to set aside time to deal with gossip issues in the future.  Be a good example!

Seven.  Notice how slow it takes for phone calls to be returned, paperwork to be sent, needs of clients to be addressed, etc.

Whenever workplace management consistently finds that issues are not being handled in the way they should and the same problems keep coming across their desks, don't be surprised when the big boss calls you into the office asking you, "How come this wasn't taken care of a long time ago?  Why are people calling me about these issues?  Why does your department spend so much money on these things?  Why am I hearing..."  Get the picture?

Nicholl has worked at many businesses over the years from market research to health care.  She had her first supervisory position at the young age of 19.  A background in journalism and communications, to date, she writes on and offline books and articles about topics like: relationships, business, faith, and parenting.  Learn more about her at: 

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