How to Separate Work and Home

A busy businessman finds it hard to separate work from home. Leaving the stresses of the job is easier said than done. But learning to separate work from home is actually the key to a happier home life and quality time with family. The blur of work and home can easily make the boundaries disappear over time.

Here are a couple of tips to leave work at work.

1. Physically relieve yourself the stress of work at work. After long hours of working, try a simple breathing exercise. Picture yourself in a solitary place. Listen to your breathing. Steady your mind by steadying your body.

2. Stretch. This helps relieve tension in mind and body. Stretch your arms and legs. Visualize the negative energy leaving your body.

3. Use pen and paper. Write notes on what you have to do tomorrow. Put them in a place where you know you look first thing in the morning. Your desk will do well. Then visualize your home and the people in the house.

4. Plan the transition. Mentally list your routine from work to home. Then use it as a signal to leave one behind.

5. Never over do the unloading process to your spouse. This creates tension in the marriage or relationship. Try to set a limit on how many minutes you will talk about your worries so that your partner will not feel like you are bulldozing her emotions. She, too, experiences stress on a daily basis.

6. Take a breather. Do not worry too much about tomorrow or its problems. It will come.

These are just a few things you can do. Feel free to improvise.

by Summer S.

The author is a SME for an account in Voiceville Communications, Inc. Think Better Life. Think Voiceville.

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