Stop the Work Insanity - A Stressed Out Womans Quest For Peace and Tranquility

When you wake up in the morning do you ever experience a feeling of dread? Like you just don't know if you can put in another day like yesterday? I have felt that way before. Then I found a way to help myself.

What causes turmoil and grief in your life? Are you, too, on a stressed out woman's quest for peace and tranquility in your life?

Before we can begin to heal ourselves we must first reveal what is causing our work-related stress.

- Do you never seem to have enough time in the day to get everything done?
- Is your job a little bit too demanding at times?
- Do you feel you have too much responsibility for all the more control you have been given?
- Do you have personality conflicts with others?
- Do you like your co-workers and boss?

These factors can often cause health issues that just sort of creep up on you until you find yourself going to the doctors because you just don't "feel good" anymore. Symptoms, such as a headache, neck strain, sleeplessness, and upset stomach are just a few signs of a woman with undue stress.

In order to get a handle on the situation you must learn something very important in your quest for peace and tranquility. You must learn Acceptance.

To learn Acceptance you must:

Keep things in perspective. Think to yourself, "will this make a difference and affect my life 5 years from now?" Many of us worry about things that never come to pass. If you can imagine the worst possible outcome and can deal with this possibility, you've accepted the situation for what it is and can move forward. Worrying about it will not change the outcome. It will only make you sick.

Use a mantra or self-assuring phrase. Repeating a mantra to yourself in bad times can be calming. If unsure of one to use try one of these:

Someday we'll all laugh about this
Remain calm and relaxed
Things could always be worse
Invent one of your own

My mother was always telling me something of this sort when I was growing up. Perhaps yours did, too. Think back on those times and reflect. Perhaps all those sayings we thought were silly back then actually had some meaning. For your health's sake, pull them out, dust them off and put them to good use.

Stay positive. Smiling in the face of negativity is next to impossible, but letting your negative emotions rule your feelings only complicates matters. If you stay focused on the positive side, your positive attitude may become contagious, making your work environment easier to handle.

Working with the general public as well as in a closed office environment, Charlotte Winslow has dealt with many different kinds of individuals and has, on many occasions, wanted to Stop The Work Insanity. If you, too, are a stressed out woman on a quest for peace and tranquility, could be your answer.

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