What Project Management Training Did For Me and My Workplace

My workplace is big on training and eight weeks ago it was my turn to attend PRINCE2 training. PRINCE2 is the OGC project management methodology. I had already participated in a PRINCE2 foundation course and was more than ready for additional PRINCE2 training that would prepared me for the official practitioner’s exam. In essence PRINCE2 is essentially a process oriented method that breaks up a project into ‘bite size’ chunks of work with resource prioritisation and role allocation being well defined.

It wasn’t just because my workplace wanted me to attend a PRINCE2 course, I wanted to attend so I could improve my own project management skills. I had worked on successful projects in the past, but I was aware that there was an increasing need in today’s business world to define general processes for projects. Working out a successful strategy for every project was becoming increasingly difficult, and I knew that additional PRINCE2 training would be able to help. My project manager would readily agree a project involves combining resources and skills with technology and ideas, therefore ensuring good product delivery. Projects need to operate within time and risks constraints and PRINCE2 training would address all of those concerns very effectively.

PRINCE2 training is particularly beneficial for people who are involved with managing projects, and not just any ol’ person is allowed to teach the course. First of all they need to be associated with an accredited PRINCE2 training organisation so they can pass on the necessary skills to trainees. Our trainers certainly had the right skills; they taught us first class project management skill so we could feel confident about managing various projects successfully on the work front. We were taught a flexible and adaptable approach that could suit all types of projects, and we were provided with common systems, procedures, and an understanding of PRINCE2 terminology. The trainers said that when we were all ‘singing from the same hymn sheet,’ so to speak, there were fewer mistakes made in the work place.

The PRINCE2 training was hard work and a challenge but enjoyable at the same time. There was some fun practical learning that helped to reinforce the theory we had learnt and the information was imparted in different ways to cover all learning styles. We sat our exam at the end of the course which lasted for 3 hours and an overall score of 180 out of a possible 360 was needed to pass. I am very proud to say my score was 300.

By the end of the course lots of us were saying: ‘this is the best course I’ve ever been on.’ ‘How did I ever manage without PRINCE2?’ ‘What’s the next training course can I go on?’

Since the training the difference I have noticed in my own project management skills are amazing. There is a definite improvement in the way I handle projects and projects are producing better results because with PRINCE2 the methods are largely simplified, owing to its well directed layout, and therefore things fall into place. As a direct result of my improved project management skills my boss has been very impressed and given me a promotion and a pay rise. Another bonus with PRINCE2 training is that it looks great on my resume. PRINCE2 is recognised around the world as a world class qualification and is seen as the standard way for the management of project works.

I would recommend anyone who is involved with project management to attend PRINCE2 training and implement what they have learnt in their workplace, because not only has the training benefited my workplace it has directly benefited me.

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